What is the Website Rate Competitiveness tool?

The Website Rate Competitiveness tool is designed to help improve your performance with Rate Connect.

It enables you to identify future arrival dates with a high search volume on trivago, and then compare your official website rates with third-party rates for your property on those dates.

How it works:
Displayed as a calendar, each date is color-coded to indicate the competitiveness of your official website rate:

  • Green: Your website rate is competitive
  • Yellow: Your website rate is in parity with other hotel deals
  • Red: Your website rate is not competitive
  • Grey: Data unavailable due to lack of search data for your property on this date 

When you hover your mouse over a specific date, you’ll see:

  • Search volume on trivago for the area where your property is located, compared to average
  • A percentage indicating how high/low your website rate is, compared to third-party rates for your property

To see this information on a mobile device, simply tap the date on the calendar.

Who can use this tool?

Independent hoteliers with an active Rate Connect campaign have free access to the tool.

Where is this tool located?

It’s located on your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard.

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