2. Track your performance on trivago


  1. Your performance analytics
  2. How to use your dashboard
  3. Your key takeaways


Your performance analytics

Whenever you log in to trivago Hotel Manager, your dashboard on the home page will provide you with a full overview of your hotel profile's performance, as well as insights into how travelers interact with your profile in trivago's search results.




When you use Rate Connect to advertise your website rates on trivago, your dashboard will show you how many travelers click on that rate and the number of direct bookings you receive.

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How to use your dashboard

Profile Completion Score

At the top of your dashboard, you'll see an indicator of how strong your hotel profile is. The fuller yours is, the higher you can rank on trivago, and the more guests you can attract.

   1. Aim for a score of 100% by following customized tips to update your profile with exactly what's missing


Your conversion funnel

This section provides valuable analytics about how travelers search, discover, and interact with your hotel deal on trivago.

2. Monitor demand for hotels in your area and see how often yours appears in trivago search results

3. Track how many travelers click on a deal for your hotel

4. Download the data as a .csv file


A view is when your hotel appears in a traveler's search results on trivago, but it doesn't mean that a traveler has viewed your entire profile.

A visit is when a traveler on trivago clicks on the View Deal button, or on any of the rates listed for your property, and is sent directly to the selected third-party booking site.


Your performance on trivago

The performance graph shows you a detailed breakdown of traveler engagement with your hotel profile, together with a history of your activity on trivago Hotel Manager.


5. Specify a time frame to review your analytics

6. Hover over a pink marker to see an activity you performed on trivago Hotel Manager, and asses how it may have an influence on your performance

7. Hover over a blue bar to see the conversion rate, views, and visits for an indicated time frame spanning 90 days

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Your key takeaways:

  • Follow the Profile Completion tips to have a full hotel profile with a high score.
  • Monitor your conversion funnel to see how many travelers interact with your profile.
  • Check how your activities on trivago Hotel Manager influence your performance.

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