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This is one of the most influential factors of your brand and a powerful value indicator for travelers.

Because there are so many websites where guests post their reviews, trivago Hotel Manager provides you with a comprehensive Reputation section to give a clear overview of what yours is online.



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trivago Rating Index (tRI)

To help travelers quickly gauge a property's online reputation, we've compiled millions of aggregated ratings from across the Internet to create one dependable and impartial rating called the trivago Rating Index (tRI).

To calculate your trivago Rating Index score, we need a minimum of 20 guest reviews that cover your specific amenities and services. Therefore, it's important to encourage your satisfied guests to leave positive reviews on various websites.



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How to analyze your Ratings page

To see what your online reputation is, select Ratings from the navigation menu on the left.


  1. The trivago Rating Index displays your score on a scale from 1 to 10
  2. These bar graphs show your reputation rating from the various booking sites you partner with.
  3. This is a breakdown of specific aspects of your property that guests have rated in their online reviews.


4. This shows your property's ranking compared to a competitor we've defined for you. 


When you have trivago Hotel Manager PRO, you'll be able to define your five main competitors to benchmark your property's reputation against theirs. You'll also have access to more exclusive analytics to identify opportunities to set yourself apart in the industry.

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Your key takeaways:

  • Encourage satisfied guests to post their positive reviews on various websites.
  • Regularly refer to your Ratings page to stay on top of your online reputation.
  • Look into ways to improve aspects with low guest ratings, but be sure to promote those in which you excel.

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Content last updated: March 2018
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