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  1. Hotel Information
  2. Images
  3. Description
  4. Hotel Details
  5. Room Types
  6. Your key takeaways


Hotel Information

trivago Hotel Manager provides you with all the tools you need to build and manage a unique hotel profile. To see that yours stands out in trivago search results, ensure that it's complete with your Hotel Information, which includes Hotel Details, Images, Room Types, and a Description.


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The main image is the first impression travelers have of your hotel profile. Yet, that's only the beginning.

Your image library should have a great variety of 20 high-quality photos that show rooms and areas of your property in the best light, giving curious travelers on trivago an opportunity to visualize a stay with you.



How to upload images

To access your profile's image library, select Images from the navigation menu on the left.



  1. Click on Add new images to upload one or more photos at a time from your computer or mobile device
  2. Choose a photo of your property's façade or a room type to set the main image
  3. Tick the box on one or more images to assign a room type or delete
  4. Click on the arrow at the bottom of a photo to see a list of options from the drop-down menu. You can set a main image, assign a room type, or delete
  5. This icon means that the image is pending approval. This process usually takes up to 24 hours. 
  6. This icon means that a photo is low quality. We recommend replacing it with one that's higher quality.

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Travelers want to know more about your property, so tell them with an engaging description.

Be sure to have yours translated into the key languages that apply to your market, steering clear of free online translation tools; the results can introduce errors in the language and misunderstandings about the content.



When you have trivago Hotel Manager PRO, you'll know the types of travelers looking at your hotel profile and where they're from. That way, you can reach out to your target audience worldwide with descriptions that appeal to them in their languages.


How to create your description

Select Description from the navigation menu on the left.


  1. Choose a language from the drop-down menu
  2. Enter your description in the box
  3. Click on Save when you've finished
  4. You're free to activate and deactivate your descriptions


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Hotel Details

Not only do travelers on trivago spend time browsing hotel profiles with in-depth information, they also use trivago's filter system to indicate specific amenities and services they look for in accommodations.

By including every applicable detail about your property, you give our system a greater chance of finding you and promoting you to your potential guests.


The more content you provide for travelers, the more interest you generate in your property. And that can mean more bookings for you.



How to add Hotel Details

Select Hotel Details from the navigation menu on the left.

1. When you reach that page for the first time, you'll go through the set-up assistant to confirm, add, or update the core details about your property. That way, you'll ensure that your hotel profile contains the most important information that travelers filter for while searching on trivago. 


Once you've completed those quick and easy steps, continue to include your comprehensive hotel details and accepted payment methods:

2. Tick the boxes of the applicable options in each section


3. Click on Save when you've finished


To show your contact information in other languages:

4. Choose a language from the drop-down menu
5. Enter your information in the selected language
6. Click on Add when you've finished


If you ever need to update to your property's basic information:

7. Click on Edit 


8. Scroll down the page to add new or edit existing information
9. Click on Save when you've finished



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Room Types

Your property may have 10 or 15 rooms, but do they all have the same decor, amenities, and views?

Travelers like to know their options, so when you indicate all of your different room types, along with corresponding photos, you give them the chance to choose the perfect room for their stay.


How to create Room Types

To begin, select Room Types from the navigation menu on the left, and then click on Create new room type


  1. Enter the name of the room
  2. Select a category
  3. Choose the bed type
  4. Indicate the number of room types of the same category
  5. Include the room size, as well as additional spaces if applicable


  6. Tick the boxes of the special room amenities and the view the room has
  7. Add a photo from your image library to match the indicated room type
  8. Click on Save when you've finished

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Your key takeaways:

  • Upload 20 high-quality images that are 2,000 pixels in width and have a .jpeg or .jpg file name.
  • Create an engaging description and have it translated into key languages.
  • Add all your comprehensive hotel details. 
  • Include your property's room types with matching photos.

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Content last updated: March 2018
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