trivago Express Booking FAQs

1. What is trivago Express Booking?

It’s a free booking page developed and hosted by trivago, to:

  • provide a quick and easy booking process for travelers
  • increase direct booking conversions while running a Rate Connect campaign



2. How does trivago Express Booking work?

When travelers click on your official website rate on trivago, they’re redirected to your own Express Booking page (in a new browser tab) instead of the booking page on your website.

Important: travelers do not book on trivago. Your Express Booking page is only hosted by trivago. When a traveler completes a booking on your Express Booking page, the transaction is fully registered with your business:

  • You receive the payment directly
  • You decide who sends the booking confirmation—you or trivago
  • You receive and keep all guest data—not trivago


3. What does trivago Express Booking cost?

It’s completely free for hoteliers running a Rate Connect campaign.


4. How do I activate/deactivate* trivago Express Booking?

  • In trivago Hotel Manager, click on ‘Rate Connect’ in the left-hand navigation menu
  • Select the ‘Campaign Settings’ tab
  • Scroll down and click the toggle button under ‘trivago Express Booking’


It takes one hour for trivago Express Booking to become active.

*You can use the same toggle button to deactivate at any time.


5. Can I activate trivago Express Booking for only specific markets?

When you activate Express Booking, it will automatically become the default booking page for all compatible Rate Connect markets.

If your Rate Connect campaign includes markets not yet compatible with Express Booking, travelers in those markets will be redirected to the booking page on your hotel website instead.


6. How does content (e.g. rates, images) appear on my Express Booking page?

Your Express Booking page is automatically filled with content from trivago.

Express Booking continuously synchronizes with the same database used for, so that it always reflects the up-to-date rates, images, and information for your property.


7. Which payment methods are supported on trivago Express Booking?

trivago Express Booking supports the following payment methods*:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct debit
  • Credit/debit cards:
    American Express
    BC Card
    Diners Club
    Carta Si
    Carte Bleue
    Visa Electron
    Japan Credit Bureau

*Payment methods must also be available through your booking engine provider.


8. Are my clicks tracked differently with trivago Express Booking?

No, the Rate Connect CPC model and click tracking stay the same.

(You will only be charged a cost-per-click each time a traveler clicks on your official website rate on your trivago hotel profile.)




Content last updated: October 2018
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