3. Campaign optimisation with online marketing


Rate Connect is a tool, not a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

The better you are at marketing your property online, the more incentive you’ll create for travellers to click on your rate and ultimately complete their booking on your website.



1. Keep your trivago hotel profile updated

70% of all clicks on trivago go to complete profiles filled with images, descriptions, and hotel details.


Our team’s advice

With Rate Connect you’re investing in a special feature to gain more direct bookings, and this is the strategic mindset you need to be successful.

Here are a couple of ways to be even more strategic and data-driven to optimise your performance.

  • Build your best hotel profile by publishing a special offer and displaying prominent contact details. When you do, you’ll make your property more attractive to travellers once they notice your website rate.
  • Use Rate Insights to compare your rates to partner rates for your property across markets. You’ll know exactly what rate will help convince travellers to click yours over a third party.

These exclusive features, and much more, are available with trivago Hotel Manager PRO.



Claude Paradis
Product Marketing



2. Offer competitive rates

Travellers are more likely to book with you when your website rate is lower than, or equal to, the lowest partner rate for your property.


Our team’s advice

Travellers come to trivago to compare deals, and more often than not, they end up booking the lowest rate.

This means that it's important to make sure your official website rates are competitive, compared to rates for your property on other distribution channels.

By offering your lowest rates through Rate Connect, you’ll help make your direct rate irresistible to travellers.

Remember, if you partner with an OTA in addition to trivago, double check to make sure you aren’t bound by pricing constraints in your contract with them.



Jessica Neth
Global Connectivity Development, Advertiser Relations



3. Upgrade your website and booking engine

Travellers expect a modern experience online. This means that not only should websites load quickly, but they should be usable on any device. When you upgrade your website, you’ll fulfil travellers’ expectations and ensure quick and easy booking no matter how they arrive at your booking page.

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