2. Performance tracking

When you monitor your Rate Connect performance analytics you’ll get the information you need to incrementally improve your return on investment.



How to: Track your performance


1. For information about how Rate Connect is performing, visit your Rate Connect dashboard




  • Monitor how much of your budget has been consumed (1)
  • View the number of users redirected to your booking page from trivago (2)
  • Track your total investment (calculated as CPC multiplied by the number of clicks received) (3)
  • Track the number of bookings you receive (4)
  • View your gross revenue (indicated as total booking value based on tracking pixel data) (5)
  • View your estimated CPA for each booking received (calculated as costs divided by revenue). Then, compare your Rate Connect CPA to the percentage of booking commissions you pay. (6)





2. For information about Rate Connect together with other activity on trivago, visit your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard




Check your conversion funnel for insight into:

  • How often your hotel appears in trivago search results (1)
  • How many travellers click on a deal for your hotel (2)
  • How many travellers click your official website rate and get redirected to your booking page (3)





Check your performance graph for a detailed breakdown of traveller engagement with your hotel profile:

  • Hover over the red marker to see the activity performed (1)
  • Hover over the orange bar to see bookings for the indicated period (2)
  • Hover over the blue bar to see the conversion rate, views, and visits for the indicated period (3)




3. Understand the important metrics

Viewing your direct bookings and booking revenue is a simple way to check your current performance status.

To put your performance into context, monitor your campaign’s CPA (cost per acquisition). We estimate your Rate Connect CPA on a daily basis so that you always have an overview of the costs required to achieve your total direct booking revenue.

In short: the lower your CPA, the better your Rate Connect performance.


Our team’s advice

We want hoteliers to understand that being successful with Rate Connect requires a proactive, long-term approach to performance tracking.

Make sure to measure your return on investment by comparing gross revenue to costs on your Rate Connect dashboard. This is a great way to get a quick, real-time overview of your financial performance with Rate Connect—but this isn’t all you should do.

You can also identify the factors that influenced travellers to interact with your hotel profile on trivago. When you view the performance graph on your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard, you’ll see the actions you took using trivago Hotel Manager and the effects they had on views and clicks as a result.

With this information, you can do more of what works—and less of what doesn’t.



Sophia Chia
Product Marketing

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Content last updated: January 2018
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