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  1. The end of this playbook marks the beginning of your journey with PRO
  2. Score big on trivago
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The end of this playbook marks the beginning of your journey with PRO

Now that you've acquired the knowledge needed to best use the tools of trivago Hotel Manager PRO, you can optimize your hotel profile in order to hone your online performance across our 55 localized websites.

Long-term success, however, also demands that you continuously enhance your hotel profile so that you continue to be competitive on trivago, promote your brand effectively, and succeed as a savvy hotelier on trivago.


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Score big on trivago 

To help you take advantage of your PRO account right from the start, the Profile Completion Score on the home page of your trivago Hotel Manager account will also give you step-by-step guidance on how to start optimizing your hotel profile with PRO. 

The Profile Completion tips include: 

  • Updating your contact details
  • Defining your five main competitors 
  • Having your description professionally translated
  • Ensuring that your hotel images are high quality

With every tip you complete, you‘ll see your score rise, a reflection of a fuller, more attractive profile that will further improve your performance on trivago.


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In addition to following the Profile Completion tips, using the PRO features on a regular basis will allow you to stay competitive and informed of new business opportunities. 

Utilize this checklist to ensure that you‘ll always stay ahead in the game!


  • Monitor your performance on trivago
  • Benchmark your rates against your competitors' and adjust yours accordingly
  • Identify opportunities by comparing your types of travelers with those of your competitors


  • Have your Description translated into other languages
  • Consider defining new competitors for additional insight to stay competitive
  • Update your Hotel Information




Content last updated: January 2018
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