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Table of contents:

Use data to gain a competitive advantage

  1. Leverage your business by monitoring your competitors
  2. How to define your competitors

Gain insight into your online target group

  1. Discover your global audience
  2. How to review the Visitors' Profile page
  3. Our team's advice

Set smart prices

  1. It's not only about your rates, but also about your competitors'
  2. How to analyze the Rate Insights page
  3. Our team's advice


The insight you'll acquire into your competitors and potential guests will enable you to build an attractive hotel profile so that you can better position yourself online.



Use data to gain a competitive advantage



Leverage your business by monitoring your competitors

It's an advantage for every business to monitor the competition, and PRO allows you to do so by defining your five main competitors.

You'll be able to benchmark your hotel against theirs, see the rates they offer, and identify opportunities to set yourself apart in the industry.

As a result, you can promote the value of your unique property and meet the needs of your target audience better than anyone else can.



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How to define your competitors

Ready to decide on your set of five main competitors? If you have more than one hotel, you can choose five for each property.

You can also make changes to your set at any time to gain even more insights into the competition.

  • Log in to your trivago Hotel Manager account
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Account Settings
  • Choose Define Competitors from the navigation menu on the left 


  1. Click on the Search button
  2. Type the name of a competitor in the box
  3. Click on Save when you've finished creating your set

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Gain insight into your online target group



Discover your global audience

Identifying your target audience provides a clear picture of the segment of travelers interested in your hotel and how your services suit their needs. It also helps you to stay focused on this group at a manageable level.

With the Visitors' Profile page, you'll learn about the types of travelers who have been looking at your hotel profile on trivago and those of your competitors.

This clear overview of data will award you with a better understanding of your global audience and offer insights into the travelers you need to target.



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How to review the Visitors' Profile page

Select Visitors' Profile from the navigation menu on the left.

  1. See up to 10 countries from which your profile receives the most interest, along with corresponding clicks and impressions 
  2. Assess the percentage of traveler types who have looked at your profile and competitor hotels in the last 30 days
  3. Review the average length of stay that travelers wanted to book at your hotel and at your competitors' in the last month

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Our team's advice

When you recognize your target group of potential guests with the Visitors' Profile, you can influence them by promoting your particular services and amenities.

For example, weekend travelers may be interested in a late checkout, while not including breakfast in your rates could be a deal breaker for the business traveler. You can use this type of information to create attractive Special Offers for your target audience.

Moreover, it's essential to have your description in the languages spoken by international travelers looking at your hotel profile. If it isn't, the text won't appear on your profile in those foreign markets. Keep in mind that 79% of clicks on trivago go to hotels that have a description.

It's best to have yours professionally translated, steering clear of free online translation tools, which can introduce errors in the language and misunderstandings about the content.



Aly Thompson
Industry Management, Advertiser Relations

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Set smart prices



It's not only about your rates, but also about your competitors'

Hotel rates are ever present in the minds of travelers searching on trivago. So, how do yours compare to the competition's?

This is where Rate Insights comes into play—helping you increase your revenue by setting competitive rates. This feature makes complex data easy to understand so that you can turn the insights into action for smart pricing strategies.

With Rate Insights you can:

  • Monitor your competitors' rates across multiple booking channels
  • Receive automatic notifications on price fluctuations
  • Anticipate how local events could increase your bookings
  • Assess the search volume of hotels on trivago in your area

Combined, these factors enable you to forecast room rates up to 180 days in advance so that you can set your hotel’s prices accordingly.



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How to analyze the Rate Insights page

Select Rate Insights from the navigation menu on the left.


  1. Use the calendar to forecast room rates for the next 180 days, or look back on the last 180 days
  2. Choose to view room rates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  3. Click on the Search volume button to see local demand for hotels on trivago over a period of time
  4. View upcoming events
  5. See the dates for local events as well as their impact on search volume, which appears to the right


  1. Click on the Notifications button to see recent changes in your and your competitors' prices on partnered OTAs. A red dot appears whenever a rate increases or decreases
  2. View the details of each change, and click on the Show on graph button to view the details
  3. You can adjust what data is visible on the graph by selecting:
    • the competitors you want to benchmark your rates against
    • the room type to compare its rate against that of your selected competitors'
    • the partner OTAs to view the advertised rates for the selected room type
  4. Hover over a certain point on the graph to see a room rate, the details of which will appear below

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Our team's advice

Adapting your prices is one of the most effective ways to stay in the game, especially on trivago where small price differences can have a big impact. For example, by lowering a hotel rate on your profile by 5% you can:

  • Attract 15% more guests to look at your hotel profile 
  • Boost your ranking by 37%
  • Increase booking conversions by 50%

Rate Insights enables you to stay ahead of the competition all year round.  The 180-day forecast on room rates is your window into the future of understanding your competitors' pricing structure so that you can plan yours effectively.

You'll also want to keep an eye on the automatic notifications of your competitors' rate changes. These will keep you informed on their pricing behavior across various booking channels, which you can easily compare to your own on the graph.

The search volume feature is also a great indicator to follow. It'll help you maximize profit during peak seasons or periods of major events during the year by showing you the actual demand for hotels in your location. You can also use it to your advantage when it comes to setting attractive prices in low season so that you can increase occupancy.



Jake Duncan
Performance Maximizer, Hotel Relations

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Content last updated: January 2018
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