How can I post a Special Offer template?

Select Special Offer from the navigation menu on the left. Then click on Create Special Offer to continue.


1. Choose a template from the list

2. Click on Next to continue


3. Choose a Special Offer you want to promote

4. The unique text for the chosen offer will appear in the Preview box, showing what travelers will read on your profile

5. Set the expiration date either for 90 days or for a specific time frame using the pop-up calendar. We'll send you a reminder three days before your Special Offer expires

6. Click on Post when you've finished. Your Special Offer will immediately go live on your profile 


7. After posting a Special Offer template, a success message will appear on the Special Offer homepage

8. A posted Special Offer template will show up in all of trivago's 30+ languages

9. Click on an inactive Special Offer if you wish to reactivate it on your profile


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