What is the trivago Rating Index™?

The trivago Rating Index™, or tRI™, was created to compare all types of accommodations on one level. To render an overall, impartial comparison for everyone, the tRI™ uses an algorithm to aggregate millions of guest ratings from across the Internet.

To calculate your trivago Rating Index score, we need a minimum of 10 guest ratings that cover your specific amenities and services. Therefore, it's important to encourage your guests to leave positive ratings on the booking site where they made their room reservation.

The algorithm of the tRI™ takes into account a property’s ratings on one online source, in comparison to another with ratings on various sources, and adjusts the calculation accordingly. All rating scales are converted into trivago’s 10-point index score, and updates occur daily to ensure the latest, most accurate evaluations.

Some aggregated sources on your Ratings page are shown individually, and others are anonymously included in the group “other sources“ due to a website’s preference.

We highly recommend that you use the results on your Ratings page to your advantage: promote what you excel in, and improve aspects that need a bit more attention to get ahead.

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