What are trivago Hotel Manager PRO's premium marketing features?

PRO's premium marketing features are divided into analytics and promotion:

Exclusive Analytics:

The easy-to-use Rate Insights dashboard gives you all the analytics you need to stay ahead of the competition and increase your revenue:

  • Monitor competitor pricing strategies across multiple booking channels
  • Check the number of hotel searches for accommodations in your area
  • See the impact searches may have on prices
  • Have a 360-day overview of room rates
  • Receive notifications when competitors change their prices
  • All these insights will help you set smarter prices throughout the year.

The Visitors’ Profile shows you the types of travelers looking at your hotel profile, as well as your competitors’, and breaks down the average lengths of stay.

By accessing these exclusive analytics, you can better position yourself for a more competitive advantage online, both through your rates and reaching out to your target audience.

In addition to the display of your property’s online reputation on your Ratings page, you’ll also see how yours ranks among your five main competitors.

Key promotional tools:

You can also entice potential guests to book directly with you through the promotion of your property’s Special Offer on trivago. There are a variety of Special Offer templates to choose from, all of which have been translated into over 30 trivago languages.

When you post one on your hotel profile, it'll be visible on all trivago platforms, with the eye-catching Special Offer button drawing further attention to your profile from travelers around the world.

With the prominent display of your property’s Contact Details on your hotel profile, you’ll encourage travelers on trivago to reach out and connect with you directly.

To learn more about the advantages of having a PRO account, click here.


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