Why are some rates for my hotel shown on trivago, while others not?

Let’s first look at the difference between a booking site and trivago.

trivago isn’t a booking site—it’s a leading, global hotel metasearch where travelers take their first steps to find their ideal hotel.

How does it work?

After travelers enter their hotel search criteria on trivago, our metasearch engine then compares millions of hotel deals from hundreds of booking sites to present them with a clear selection of offers that perfectly match their requests.

When travelers select a hotel deal on trivago, we direct them to the advertiser of that deal—a third-party booking site or hotel website—to complete the booking process.

The rates that appear on trivago are advertisement-sponsored links paid for by the booking sites. Due to the nature of this paid-advertising model, booking sites continuously optimize their hotel inventory and provide us with different hotels for each market separately. That’s why your hotel may show rates on some localized websites but not on others.

Unfortunately, trivago doesn’t have any influence on this matter, because it’s at a booking site’s discretion whether to show a room rate or not.

Our recommendation

Think about increasing the number of booking sites you work with, especially those in your local market. Also check your channel manager to ensure that your room rates are published across all the booking sites you work with, so that they can appear on trivago.

If you already have a booking engine on your hotel website, consider advertising your website rates on your trivago profile with Rate Connect--an expert feature on trivago Hotel Manager. To learn how you can increase your direct bookings and pay fewer commissions, click here.

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