How can I track my performance for Rate Connect?

Performance data is available in two locations on trivago Hotel Manager:

1. Your Rate Connect performance page
Here you can track all of the important performance metrics over the past 12 months (either globally or per market); viewed by month, week, or day:

Top metrics

Move from one metric tab to the other to go over the corresponding data

  • Clicks: Know the number of travelers who clicked on your website rate
  • Bookings: Confirm what you’ve received over a given period of time
  • Revenue: Check the total booking value based on tracking pixel data
  • CPA: Look at the calculated cost for each booking


Display in-depth data of each top metric

  • Graph: Hover over a point to view data of a selected time frame
  • Table: Review and sort data in table format


See the status of your campaign each time you log in

  • Budget: Stay on top of your monthly spend
  • Campaign: Understand if it’s online, paused or deactivated
  • Connection: Be aware if an interruption of service occurs

Go to Rate Connect

2. Your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard
To learn more, click here.

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