Is trivago Hotel Manager free? Are there costs for certain features?

trivago Hotel Manager—our easy-to-use marketing platform—is free, and it enables you to take control of your hotel profile.

With trivago Hotel Manager Basic—the free version of trivago Hotel Manager—you can add, edit, and manage the content of your hotel profile, as well as monitor your performance on trivago with basic analytics.

If you haven’t registered and assigned your hotel on trivago Hotel Manager yet, you can do so by clicking here.

trivago Hotel Manager also offers paid marketing products and features:

trivago Hotel Manager PRO is the premium version of trivago Hotel Manager. PRO equips you with key promotional tools to help you gain greater exposure on trivago, as well as exclusive analytics to better understand your markets and make strategic decisions for your business.

The annual subscription to PRO is based on your hotel’s performance and popularity on trivago. You're charged a flat rate, and there are no additional fees. To learn more about the advantages of PRO, you can request a free consultation by clicking here.

Rate Connect is an expert feature on trivago Hotel Manager. It enables you to drive direct bookings by promoting your official website rates on your trivago hotel profile.

Rate Connect uses a cost-per-click (CPC) model, which means you're charged a small fee each time a traveller clicks on your website rate. There are no additional registration or subscription fees.

To get started with Rate Connect, you can request a free consultation by clicking here.

By taking advantage of both PRO and Rate Connect, you have all the means to increase your overall performance on trivago with the most complete hotel profile possible.

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