What can I see on my dashboard?

Your dashboard shows you the relevant information you need in order to navigate your business forward on trivago. Since we're a leading global hotel metasearch, it's important that you always have a complete overview of your hotel profile's performance. You'll find information about:

Profile Completion Score and tips
See how strong your hotel profile is, then follow customized tips to improve it by updating what's missing on your hotel profile. By improving your score, you'll help increase your visibility in the trivago search results.

Your conversion funnel
Track the traveler's journey from their initial search on trivago until they land on your hotel deal.

Rate Connect
When you run a Rate Connect campaign you can measure the number of visits to your website, your direct bookings, and your trivago-generated revenue at a glance.

Your performance on trivago
Monitor your performance and see which activities on trivago Hotel Manager increase traveler engagement with your hotel profile—measured in impressions, clicks, and direct bookings (Rate Connect campaigns only).

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