How can I update my profile's hotel details?

If you haven't done so already, you first need to register your property on trivago Hotel Manager. You can get started with your free registration by clicking here.
When you’re logged in to your trivago Hotel Manager account, choose Hotel Details from the navigation menu on the left. You’ll see that there are nine sections on the page.

To update your Basic Information (e.g. contact details, location on the map, and star classification):

• Click on Edit next to your property’s name at the top of the page
• Scroll down the page to make the necessary updates
• Click on Save when you’ve finished

To make changes to other sections (e.g. Facilities & Services, Room Amenities, and Payment methods):

• Click on Edit or Add of a section you want to update
• Tick the boxes to add new options or deselect existing options that no longer apply
• Click on Save when you’ve finished

You can also localize your hotel name, address, and website in other languages for travelers in specific countries. To do so, go to the Language section at the bottom of the Hotel Details page, then:

• Click on Add
• Choose a language from the drop-down menu
• Enter the information in the selected language
• Click on Add when you've finished

For step-by-step guidance on how to update your profile's hotel details, click on Start the tutorial.




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